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Obsidian Roundup

Hi! I'm Eleanor Konik – a history nerd & author who enjoys putting software through its paces.

My goal is to help my fellow travelers keep up with all the tools, plugins, guides, events, & discussions relevant to Obsidian's corner of the personal knowledge management community, as well as share some insight into my own research... and more importantly the methods that help me stay sane and happy during the process.

Folks who sign up to financially support my efforts & behind-the-scenes logistical work also get access to exclusive essays about knowledge management, optimization, & efficiency — and how I use my notes for nerdy deep dives into ancient history & weird animal biology.

Otherwise, plop your email address into the box below or add me to your favorite RSS reader; you'll get an Obsidian Roundup every Saturday morning (EST).

The roundup newsletter is my go-to source for all things Obsidian, to keep me in the loop about developments, updates and exciting conversations.

Danny Hatcher, Education Science Researcher

The Roundup is the only known way to possibly keep up with all the amazing new updates, plugins, and toys with Obsidian—and it comes from a caring and trusted voice.

Nick Milo from Linking Your Thinking

Eleanor has a gift to consolidate all that you need to know and doesn't waste your time with a lot of fluff. The Obsidian Roundup is the highlight of my week.

TfT Hacker, Developer

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🌠 An academic vault tour & weekly review templates

Media workflow diagrams, film project dashboards, daily journaling discussions, python libraries for batch-changing metadata, and more!



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🌲Using Obsidian for Teaching?

For the most part, my teaching notes are very simple and low-tech. But Obsidian was helpful when I was allowed to use it.

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🌲The Konik Method for Making Useful Notes

How to make notes for reference, not self-improvement: A practical guide to messy notes meant to be used, not admired.

🌲The Konik Method for Making Useful Notes
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🌲 Using RSS to curate opportunities

I divide my RSS feed according to how I can interact with the articles, how far along I am with processing the information, and how I think I can use them later.

🌲 Using RSS to curate opportunities