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Obsidian Roundup

Hi! I'm Eleanor Konik, one of the moderators for the Obsidian community. I created this newsletter after people asked for help keeping up with all the plugins, workflows, guides, events, and discussion our community produces.

It's metastasized a bit, and these days folks who sign up to financially support my behind-the-scenes logistical work also get access to exclusive essays about knowledge management, optimization, & efficiency — along with access to members-only live events.

If you're interested in seeing how I use my notes for short science fiction & fantasy — nerdy deep dives into ancient history & weird animal biology — check out my other newsletter, The Iceberg. Otherwise, plop your email address into the box below or add me to your favorite RSS reader; you'll get a Roundup every Saturday morning (EST).

The roundup newsletter is my go-to source for all things Obsidian, to keep me in the loop about developments, updates and exciting conversations.

Danny Hatcher, Education Science Researcher

The Roundup is the only known way to possibly keep up with all the amazing new updates, plugins, and toys with Obsidian—and it comes from a caring and trusted voice.

Nick Milo from Linking Your Thinking

Eleanor has a gift to consolidate all that you need to know and doesn't waste your time with a lot of fluff. The Obsidian Roundup is the highlight of my week.

TfT Hacker, Developer

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🌠 Dataview to Mermaid & PDF conversions

Sync highlights and annotations from Raindrop & execute codeblocks interactively, a la Jupyter.



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🌲 Pretty vs. Practical: Shortcuts for Finding the Middle Ground

Aligning with our preferred designs is critical for functioning, but it's okay to take shortcuts when customizing.

bullet journal spread via pexels
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🌲When Themed Logs are More Useful than Daily Notes

I group information by purpose, not chronology. This method allows for more focus, easier retrieval, and less context switching.

jan/feb/march calendar with a box underneath that says "notes"
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🌲 On notes bound by time and location

Be specific. Be aware of your biases. Break down information into its component parts for easier remixing. Above all; keep track of your sources.

🌲 On notes bound by time and location