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Hi! I'm Eleanor Konik, one of the moderators for the community. Professionally, I'm a social studies teacher, but you can find me hanging out in Discord, trawling Reddit and tweeting about Obsidian. I created this Roundup after a couple of community members asked for a way to help keep up with everything being created, discovered, and shared in the community.

I provide all the content free of charge, but it does take me a lot of time each week to put together, and the mail servers and hosting service do cost money, so if you get something useful out of this and have money to spare, I do appreciate you signing up for a membership or sponsoring me on GitHub!

Also — if you're interested in seeing how I use my notes for short science fiction & fantasy, and nerdy deep dives into ancient history & weird animal biology, please check out my personal newsletter, The Iceberg.

Recent Posts

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2021-10-23: New Calendar & Code Renders in Edit Mode

iOS guides, more WYSIWYG improvements, & some neat text tabbing & cursor tricks.

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2021-10-15: More WYSIWYG Functionality & Some Really Nice Documentation

Improved snippet management, a GUI for multi-color highlighting, & chart generation from markdown tables.

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2021-10-09: Style Guide Enforcement & Sitemap-style view

The Codemirror Options plugin added some new WYSIWYG functionality & you can mass-convert links between wiki-style and markdown Link Converter.